I began working as a complementary therapist in 1993. This was after completing a course in Person-Centred Counselling and a 9 month course in Bi-Aura Energy Healing. With this grounding, I went on to develop my own style of spiritual counselling which I use to accompany an energy healing session.

Working intuitively, I incorporate an eclectic range of skills based on the individual needs of the client.


A guided meditation assists in, not only relaxing the client and opening the chakras to the healing energies but empowers clients who may not be familiar with meditating. Client leave with a skill that they can use on a regular basis on their own.
I work with the healing vibrations of sound; from didgereedoo to shamanic drumming, overtoning and tuning forks.

During each session, I incorporate Goddessences, a range of aura sprays that I make, which assist in the healing and balancing of the chakra system.

My client-base goes right across the board, including babes in arms, a lady in her nineties, actors, teachers, film-makers, investment bankers as well as other therapists and healers.
The sessions are useful in helping with a wide variety of disorders and illnesses.

For some, one visit is all it takes, while for deep-rooted issues, a course of sessions is generally more beneficial.
I have other clients who return for regular check-up's- focussing on their on-going well-being, much as one takes the car along for a service rather than wait until there is a problem.

One of the areas that I specialise in, is childhood trauma which generally involves an ongoing series of sessions.
My aim is always to empower clients to assist take personal responsibility for their own healing. This often involves a change of lifestyle, attitude and breaking of old patterns.



Please contact Urtema directly on:
or call on 020 7787 9309 or 07896 340 495.


I also offer remote healing sessions during which I can connect with a client anywhere in the world.


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