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26 July 2022

I am super excited to be back at one of my all time favourite festivals ALL ABOUT LOVE .


all about the love opening ceremony

All About the Love Opening Ceremony

This year I will be part of the opening ceremony and then holding a sacred Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic sound journey called 'falling in love with yourself' in the Acacia Woods 15.15-17.15 on Friday. Come and join me for a transformational, heart healing journey into self love . The ceremony you will be an invitation to explore the aspects of yourself that you judge to be unloveable, not enough, too much, and heal the false beliefs that are running and preventing you from accessing your full potential as a perfect, divine and holy human being.

I can't wait to meet you and journey together with cacao, sound and my latest 'Goddessence' aura spray 'The Rose of the Magdalene' in the Acacia Woods.


For only when you fully lve yourself can you truly lve another.


all about love fesival flyer


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18 June 2020

I am delighted and excited to have been invited by he wonderful 'Antidote' to host his midsummer special event. An opening to fun , magic play in a sacred space at his time of maximum expansion .
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Full details [FB]

L♥ve is the Way


31 December 2019

NYE Shamanic, Ecstatic chakra dance Cacao and Sananga Ceremony

Full details [FB]


22 December 2019

Winter Solstice Sunrise Fire Ceremony

Full details [FB]


23 June 2019

Midsummer Nights Dream Cacao ♥ Shamanic Sound Journey

Full details [FB]


21 June 2019

Urtema Dolphin's Summer Solstice Sunrise Fire Ceremony

Full details [FB]


17 Feb 2019

Falling in Love with Yourself: Sacred Cacao with Sound Journey

Full details [FB]


16 Feb 2019

Reclaim Love 2019

Full details [FB]

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15 Dec 2018

Money, Wealth and the New Earth Frequencies: Rich and Spiritual

Full details [FB]


29 July 2018

Sound Healing Journey and Visualisation

Full details [FB]-


21 June 2018

Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony

Full details [FB]


16 June 2018

'Sacred Union Solstice' Retreat

Full details [FB]


30 April 2018

Water is Life: River Thames Water Blessing Ceremony

Full details [FB]

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16 December 2017

Urtema Dolphin's Solstice Dreamweaver Retreat

Full details [FB]


30 October 2017

Sacred Samhain Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Sound Journey

Full details [FB]


Morning Gloryville

Guided Meditation Video - see here

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23 September 2017

Urtema Dolphin's Equinox Cacao and Rape/Blue Lotus Ceremony

Full details [FB]


22 September 2017

Urtema Dolphin's Autumn Equinox Celebration

Full details [FB]


Sunday 21 May 2017

Heart Expansion

Shamanic Sound Journey with Sattva Yoga and Sacred Cacao


Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 June, 2017

Summer Solstic Gaia Connection Retreat

Summer Solstice Retreat at Shekinashram in Glastonbury

Full details are here


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Urtema Dolphin is excited and  proud to announce the birthing of two new essences in the Goddessence range.


Alignment Essence and Sacred Union Essence  have been gifted to us in recognition of how far we have come on our return journey to the light.



urtema dolphin


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