This is to thank all the lovely people who attended my living on light workshop. the morning flew by, I enjoyed it immensely and have received lovely feedback and encouragement.

I will be repeating this workshop for those who were unable to come so watch this space for more details. In the meantime, here is some of the feedback, love Urtema Dolphin:


'. . . fascinating, inspiring and informative. 
As a speaker, Urtema is thoroughly engaging, fun and

Caleb Packham - Screenwriter


"Thank you Urtema Dolphin for a most enthralling and enlightening workshop. Your sharing of your most intimate journey into Living on Light not only opens the way for those who wish to follow but opens the way for new possibilities at a time when all that is 'known' is being challenged.
Thank you also for the 'reminder' that we are Ascending, that it isn't something 'out there' or something to come. It is right here right now, our energies and aspirations are changing now. Thank you also for the new affirmations, we make our own reality and have been shown a new way forward... all very wonderful and highly recommended."

Janah Reed


'Urtema Bliss time! Heart-held and sound bathed... perceptive, compassionate guidance to unlock a deeper self-love for One Love awareness'

'All things happen twice, once in your mind and once in reality' - Aisha Chaudhary

This quote encapsulates in a nutshell the wisdom that beautiful Urtema Dolphin encourages and we awaken to through her wholehearted gatherings

Jo Pearce - Reflexologist


'I am back in my heart and loving it"

Amelia Horton - Raw Food Chef


'I love Urtema's workshops. She holds the space with integrity and unconditional love, enabling everyone to open up to their inner guidance and insights'

Lila Devi - Yoga Instructor


'Urtema's workshops are the best. Safe, loving, intelligent, energising'

Maria -Massage Therapist


'Urtema took my understanding a step further by placing her beliefs and practices in the context of transformation. Giving up food and drink appears to bring about a change at cellular level in which the body attunes to a higher level of consciousness and being. The realisation that there are people on earth who are already half way there helps the Western mindset to grasp the idea of raising consciousness to a higher level. I have for long struggled with this concept, being unable to see what triggers it. Now at last I have an answer!
I am a parapsychologist with nearly fifty years' experience, and am a long standing member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP).
Email me when you have arranged a date for the repeat workshop. Namaste

Michael Lewis - parapsychologist


'Urtema is so caring and confident I feel safe to allow my true self to reveal itself'

Josh Ryman -Banker


'The workshop left me feeling uplifted. It gave me a glimpse of the kind of feelings I would have if I loved myself more and I found myself in complete alignment several times during the afternoon.I left feeling optimistic about my continued journey into loving myself more'

Patricia Kutesa - Customer Services, Heathrow Airport


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